Custom Power Cables

Custom Power Cable Solutions

We don’t sacrifice quality. You shouldn’t have to either. Whatever your cable needs, Cable Company of America can provide you with a custom-made, top quality solution. From a simple hand-drawn sketch or a fully-detailed CAD schematic, we take your project from concept to completion. We manufacture cables to NEMA specifications and test rigorously according to ASTM International testing standards. But we never lose sight of the fact that your project is unique and demands our utmost skill and attention to detail. Let us show you the difference a committed partner makes, we welcome the opportunity to produce exactly what you need.

Instrumentation and Control Cables we manufacture:

  • Sensor Cable
  • CNC Automatic Lathe Cable
  • UV-resistant Cable
  • OPS Instrumentation Cable
  • Mining Multi-Conductor Cable
  • Multi-channel Snake Cable
  • MIL-Spec Compliant Cables
  • Teflon-based Cable
  • Medical Apparatus Cable
  • SY Control Cable
  • Braided Control
  • Communication Cable
  • Signaling Cables
  • Custom Designed Cables