Military Power Cables

MIL-DTL-3432J, MIL-C-3432 (M3432)

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Equivalent to UL 62 - Power and Special Purpose Cable
300 V and 600 VMil-C-3432 CO

Cable is a military specification covering portable power and control cable. CO Cable may be used for a broad range of electrical and electronic applications and are designed to withstand physical abuse. Heavy duty cables may be used where they could be run over by heavy vehicles and are designed to withstand severe flexing. Applications for heavy duty cables include heavy portable tools and equipment, charging cables, and power and control cords. Medium duty cables should be able to withstand the same usage except they should not be run over by vehicles or subjected to severe impacts. Light duty cables will withstand severe flexing, but should not be stepped on or subjected to severe impact. Light duty cables are mainly used on lightweight portable tools and generators. All Mil-C-3432 CO Cables resist temperature extremes.

Power cables are limited to 2, 3 & 4 conductors, 8 AWG through 500 MCM. Control cable can be shielded, unshielded or any combination. The following is a brief desciption of how to designate the cable for your requirements.

Military Grade M3432 Power Cable