Cable Specifications

Military Cable MIL-DTL-3432J

The M3432 cable is the backbone of the military’s power system. Manufactured in light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty capacities, the cables are intended for use by the Armed Services in extensive electronic and electrical applications. They may be used to transmit power, synch pulses, data transmission voltages, broadband, and audio or to control power. Light-duty cables are used where flexibility rather than long life is essential. Medium and heavy-duty cables are intended to withstand identical usage. Medium-duty cables are intended as a substitute for all uses of heavy-duty cables when the reduction in weight would be advantageous, however they are not intended to withstand severe impacts such as the weight of a tank. Heavy-duty M3432 cables are designed to withstand severe service impact such as being run over by trucks, tanks and the like.

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Commercial Cable Product

You can exert the power of the United States Military by adapting the M3432 cable for your commercial applications. CO-M3432 is designed for harsh in-service applications such as high vibrations, signal noise and rough handling. Like its military twin, the CO-M3432 is resistant to sunlight, oil, acid, water, heat and impact and the non-marking outer jacket can be custom colored.

When variety, flexibility, and versatility are your concern, the 20-10 Control Cable is your choice. Used by electrical utilities to interconnect a variety of control instruments and other electrical items, they also find various industrial control applications such as machine control panels, machine wiring, and PLCs. Insulation with the dual extrusion of polyethylene (PE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plus the PVC jacket covering allows for usage in oil, gasoline and other chemical contaminants without degradation. Available in 600V, 1000V and 2000V rated cables.

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Custom Cable Product

As a custom manufacturer, Cable Company of America can design and manufacture any wire or cable to meet your specific needs. We are experienced in manufacturing a broad range of control cables, instrumentation cables, MIL-Spec cables and communication cables. Our engineers are accustomed to taking a project from the initial design through to completion.